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GM Informatics JSC, GMC sponsors VPL WorldCup 2021 Tournament

The battle of the nations is unique for a soccer World Cup simulation. Every victory brings points for the chosen nation. Thus, football fans can lead their national team and players who have chosen the same team to the top of the top country list. Virtual Soccer enthusiasts eagerly await…


The audience of esports has grown by more than 15 million users and leaves only a few million people over the past year. Based on research data, we can say that the size of the community is increasing by 23–25% per year.

Simultaneously, 24% of respondents say they are loyal…

It’s hard to believe that it was only in 2009 that Bitcoin was first created. It took a few years before it gained mainstream traction, but now it’s solid to look anywhere without seeing another article, website, or news story about cryptocurrency.

Many of the people involved in cryptocurrencies are…

LEI: 7890000ISOX24KY8OM11

Since 2009, our establishment has continuously adapted our legal company entity to the latest standards, frameworks, and practices. These are various enhancements for the organizational structure for our company and can be technical, operational, legal or finance related.

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a globally unique identification number assigned to…

GM Informatics JSC, one of the first tokenized companies globally, became the Beşiktaş Aygaz Handball Team sponsor in Turkish Handball Super League, with its GMCoin Blockchain and Decentralization Project.

The launch ceremony of the sponsorship agreement was held by Board Member Responsible for Akatlar Facilities Bilgihan Sürmen, Handball Team Responsible…

Blockchain opens up a new avenue to transform from the traditional centralized system to the decentralized economy. Creativity should be there in every step while you deal with various challenges. GMC is the latest introduction to the world of blockchain technology to operate various exciting applications. …


GMCoin is a multilayered, utility-based, #business token of the company “GM Informatics JSC” that is used for zero-banking system and #tokenization for business

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