Bodrum, Turkey, 05 Nov 2021, Two emerging industries, ESports and Blockchain, are leading internet development these days. Virtual Pro League (VPL), top performer ESports League Organizer and GMCoin, the project behind the idea of #Decentralized #Businesses meet at VPL Mexico Primera Division 1A…

Bodrum, Turkey, 01 Nov 2021, GMCoin Blockchain Project, the brainchild of Mehmet Ali Demirci. GM Informatics Joint Stock Company CEO, multi-certificate holder and HBS Online alumni. It is designed for #businesses, their core #processes and #frameworks, getting attention on cryptocurrency and cryptoasset space.

GMCoin CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Announcement

The Crypto industry is getting mature each…

GMCoin Liga 1, GMCoin Liga 2

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GMCoin, Tron based token issuer behind the idea of #DeBu, #Decentralized #Business models, supporting the best ProClubs League and E-Sport event in Malaysia.

Pro Clubs is one of FIFA’s most intriguing yet underappreciated game modes, allowing you and a group of friends to form a team while…

It’s hard to believe that it was only in 2009 that Bitcoin was first created. It took a few years before it gained mainstream traction, but now it’s solid to look anywhere without seeing another article, website, or news story about cryptocurrency.

Many of the people involved in cryptocurrencies are…

GM Informatics JSC, GMC sponsors VPL WorldCup 2021 Tournament

The battle of the nations is unique for a soccer World Cup simulation. Every victory brings points for the chosen nation. Thus, football fans can lead their national team and players who have chosen the same team to the top of the top country list. Virtual Soccer enthusiasts eagerly await…


GMCoin is a multilayered, utility-based, #business token of the company “GM Informatics JSC” that is used for zero-banking system and #tokenization for business

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