GM Informatics Starts Funding Rounds With Decentralized Businesses GMCoin Blockchain Project

3 min readFeb 10, 2022



GMCoin, a business based blockchain project

Bodrum, Turkey, 10 Feb 2022, GM Informatics, a leading Turkish IT and fintech specialist active since 2009, has launched its GMCoin Tron blockchain token to facilitate decentralized business operations across the value chain.

Joint Stock Company has launched its $10 Million evaluated funding round in January with several types of investment methods. The funding round process will continue till the end of March and an official statement will be made in April to the start-up ecosystem.

Investment rounds are now underway as GM Informatics prepares to scale up operations and welcome key stakeholders into a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency investment opportunity.

The landmark new token, GMCoin, aims to enable GM Informatics to encourage innovation through enterprise and business workflow frameworks. This enhanced tokenization model is suitable for any entrepreneur, startup, or well-established business. GMCoin is a further innovation in GM Informatic’s leading legacy of information technology acumen.

Investing directly in GMCoin (cETF’s)

The decision to launch GMCoin was made after careful deliberation though designed to actualize and capitalize on the advantages of decentralization and the blockchain for the advantage of GM Informatics, but just as much its business investors and entrepreneurs worldwide.

With funding for the project ongoing, investors who act early have the best opportunity to step onboard GMCoin — which has been consciously created on the Tron blockchain to avoid many pitfalls present on other chains.

For example, using the Tron blockchain rather than the Ethereum network guarantees that those who hold GMCoin avoid the costly gas and transaction fees that have hampered innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

However, GMCoin still enjoys the same security and anonymity that all blockchain tokens provide. Any entrepreneur interested in quickly stepping aboard this funding journey can simply buy, trade, and hold GMCoin on exchanges such as BitMart, Probit and LBank or IndoEx

Naturally, the development team is in constant talks worldwide to see GMCoin listed on ever more cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world.

GMCoin is explicitly promoted as an investment opportunity with a core business focus. As so many players scramble to compete in minting blockchain tokens for use in NFTs, videogames, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, GMCoin stands as a world-first innovation in decentralized business (DeBu) blockchain tokenomics.

Investing in company bonds

Classic investors also can invest in company bonds that deliver a yearly dividend to the beneficiaries. This method also comes with the bureaucracy that needs to be handled carefully by our team. The holders of the company bonds will first be required to inject liquidity into the company and will have no rights onboard for decision-making processes.

Bonds will have a specific validity time, like five years, with yearly dividends to be cleared with separate contracts and percentages to be paid back yearly. This investment method guarantees that investors do not require interaction more often.

Investing in company shares, equities

As a result of investing in a share in GM Informatics, you effectively become a small part-owner of a Joint Stock Company. As a shareholder with an equity stake in GM Informatics, the return on your investment is directly proportional to the success or failure of the establishment itself. Furthermore, GM Informatics boards may pay dividends to shareholders or reinvest profits to achieve further and aggressive growth strategies.

This method can be achieved through seeds and series funding tours and certified or registered angel investors that individuals may have found this way more attractive and safe.

There are various metrics and KPI’s considering this method which GM Informatics valuation methodologies like asset valuation, market valuation, and revenue creation models.

Understanding the concept

Investors need to understand what, where, and how to invest. At GM Informatics, we try to be clear and transparent at all stages of investing procedures. Our aim on a long-term basis is to enhance businesses, companies, and industries by injecting blockchain technologies, fintech procedures, and tokenization methodologies into the heart of company processes, frameworks, and workflows. We try to empower and embrace organizations helping them with tokenomics, token creation, business value proposition, smart contracts, applications on blockchain, worldwide crypto market penetration with their tokens. All routes are considered to create a fully financially flexible organization.

Are you ready for a journey for business 5.0 with web 3.0 technologies?




GMCoin is a multilayered, utility-based, #business token of the company “GM Informatics JSC” that is used for zero-banking system and #tokenization for business