GMCoin; Now Available on TradingView

2 min readDec 20, 2023

BODRUM, Turkey, 20 December 2023

GMCoin is now on TradingView, Enabling Millions of traders to Access Its Decentralized Business Solutions

In a significant development for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and business innovators, GMCoin, a Tron-based token focused on decentralizing business frameworks, workflows, and processes, is now available on TradingView. This integration marks a pivotal step in GMCoin’s mission to revolutionize how businesses operate, making its innovative solutions accessible to TradingView’s extensive network of over 50 million traders and investors worldwide.

GMCoin: Pioneering Decentralization in Business
stands at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to decentralize various aspects of business operations. Built on the Tron network, known for its high efficiency and low transaction costs, GMCoin offers a robust platform for businesses seeking to optimize their frameworks and processes. This token is not just a financial instrument but a gateway to a suite of decentralized applications (dApps) that can streamline business activities, enhance transparency, and foster collaboration across industries. Lately, GMCoin has also launched a decentralized IT services platform for Turkey’s IT services market with over $4 billion. is the only platform that is fully decentralized and operational for IT services.

TradingView: A Hub for Traders and Investors
TradingView is a renowned charting platform and social network used extensively by traders and investors globally. It provides an array of tools for market analysis, enabling users to spot trends and opportunities in various global markets. The addition of GMCoin to TradingView empowers its community to analyze and engage with this innovative token, bringing the world of decentralized business solutions to a broader audience.

GMCoin now chartable on BitMart Cryptocurrency Exchange
In addition to its recent integration with TradingView, GMCoin has achieved another significant milestone by becoming chartable under the GMCOIN ticker on BitMart, a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange. This development enhances the visibility and accessibility of GMCoin, providing traders and investors with the tools to closely monitor its performance and make informed decisions.




GMCoin is a multilayered, utility-based, #business token of the company “GM Informatics JSC” that is used for zero-banking system and #tokenization for business