GMCoin Signs as Official Sponsor for 5th International BodRun Ultra Marathon

3 min readNov 18, 2021


Bodrum, Turkey, 18 Nov 2021, GMCoin signs as official sponsor for the 5th International BodRun Ultra Marathon, which will be organized on November 19–20 in the most attractive seaside town of Turkey, Bodrum. The town is well known for blue voyages and nightlife, however with BodRun Ultra Marathon participants will have an opportunity to see other faces of the Bodrum.

GMCoin International Bodrun Ultra Marathon, Bodrum-Turkey

Professional athletes will participate in the International 5th BodRun Ultra Marathon, which consists of 4 different tracks, 6 KM — 10 KM — 23 KM and 60 KM. 23K and 60 K tracks are passing through the wild nature of the peninsula with a magnificent view over Archipelagos. Bodrum had severe wildfires during summer 2021, runners will also run in the affected region but this time they will be witnessing reborn of nature with recent rains.

This year, 750 local and foreign athletes will join the BodRun Ultra Marathon. Along with 23 K and 60 K races, there are short tracks such as 6 KM and 10 KM in order to promote sports and running to newcomers.

As every year, a colorful children’s race will be held on Saturday, November 20, in order to introduce children to sports and create a sports culture at an early age.

The 5th International BodRun Ultra Marathon will be organized under the main sponsorship of GMCoin.

GM Informatics JSC CEO Mehmet Ali Demirci, states that: “With this sponsorship, we are trying to encourage people towards health and fitness. We have done many sponsorships previously for the esports community, our investments in sports started with the Turkish Handball Super League team Beşiktaş and continue with VPL, which we name as the leader in ProLeague events. We are very glad to be part of this great organization. We will continue our support and hope to have a long-term partnership with Bodrum Ultra Marathon.”

On behalf of the agreement, GMCoin has been the main sponsor for the 5th International Bodrum Ultra Marathon.

Mehmet Ali Demirci continues: “It is really important for blockchain companies to support real-world scenarios. We started with handball, continuing with esports. Yet we will publish new projects and blockchain-related investments in the future. We are the only company that is trying to fully integrate blockchain and decentralization concepts into every process within the company. GMCoin is the flagship of this concept: it is a new kind of business-based token that is to be used for future projects of our company.”

About GMCoin

The GMCoin Blockchain project, business-based, multi-layered token that is to be used mainly to operate new blockchain projects from all over the world. GM Informatics JSC team focuses on processing details of the blockchain products and services and aiming to create a fully tokenized company. The makers hope for the immediate success of this new token system among global investors.

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