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GMCOIN Staking Model Introduced: Embracing the future of Decentralized Businesses #DeBu with an enhanced #DeFi structure

BODRUM, Türkiye, 10 January 2024

GM Informatics Joint Stock Company is thrilled to announce the launch of the GMCoin Staking Model, a groundbreaking initiative that aligns with the company’s mission to revolutionize the world of IT services through decentralization and blockchain technology.

As the company’s flagship project,, the decentralized IT services platform, goes live, GM Informatics JSC is taking a significant step towards fostering the Decentralized Business (DeBu) model. The GMCoin Staking Model is set to empower the GT (Investors Team) by offering them an opportunity to stake profits generated through the platform.

GM Informatics JSC has always been at the forefront of innovation in the IT industry, and with the integration of web3 technologies and blockchain, the company is poised to change the landscape of IT services. By introducing the GMCoin Staking Model, GM Informatics JSC is not only rewarding its investors but also pioneering a new era of decentralized business practices.

Key highlights of the GMCoin Staking Model:

Stake in Real Revenues: GT (Investors Team) members now have the opportunity to stake in real revenues generated through Unlike traditional investment models, this approach directly connects stakeholders to the platform’s financial performance.

% Profit Share: The GMCoin Staking Model offers an impressive % share of the profits that is expected to generate during the first financial quarter, from the date of the agreement until March 31st.

Decentralized Business (DeBu) Model: This initiative embodies the DeBu model, championed by GM Informatics JSC, which seeks to transform conventional IT service processes through decentralization and blockchain integration.

GM Informatics JSC invites members of the GT (Investors Team) and other interested parties to explore this innovative staking model and join the journey toward a more decentralized, efficient, and equitable IT services ecosystem.

CEO Mehmet Ali Demirci, a visionary leader with extensive experience in IT and blockchain technologies, expressed his excitement about the GMCoin Staking Model, saying, “This is a significant milestone for GM Informatics JSC and the entire blockchain and IT community. We are ushering in a new era of decentralized business practices that will benefit not only our investors but also our global user base.”

For more information about the GMCoin Staking Model, please visit The investment model is only available to Turkish citizens currently due to regulations, and the web site is in Turkish.

About GM Informatics Joint Stock Company:
GM Informatics Joint Stock Company, founded in 2009, is a pioneering IT/ICT Managed Services Company that provides 360-degree IT Services and Support Services under the umbrella of Informatics Consultancy. The company specializes in IT Consulting, Service and Support, Cyber Security, GDPR Processes, Software Development, and more. GM Informatics JSC is committed to driving innovation in the IT industry by embracing web3 technologies and blockchain to deliver decentralized IT services through its flagship platform,




GMCoin is a multilayered, utility-based, #business token of the company “GM Informatics JSC” that is used for zero-banking system and #tokenization for business